paintbrushhgirl (paintbrushhgirl) wrote,

lately it causes me immense discomfort to open da or lj and i think i know why

Dear Valmik,

I'm not gonna lie, I didn't miss you quite as much as expected until just now, just now I miss you like I did before and I'm not sure why on earth that could have happened but it's probably also because I miss Michael but more than anything I miss you you you I miss you and I love you and I just want you to come here so we can see each other and oh god why is all this back I honestly thought it had gone away but do you know why?
I do
it's because I've been sober about two weeks now because i'm not supposed to drink with these fucking ridiculous meds and I just need to drink you away away away and kiss a stranger in the street

I just wish that you would leave my mind alone.

oh Valmik Kumar what have you done.

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    right mike you just crushed me but the RULE IS that I will never ever write about it or you and hopefully won't feel sad okay okay. except this i…

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    she's me michaelis valmmik and i;m chelsea o myg od

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    I feel okay, today Better than yesterday I wish I was wearing clothes though.

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