paintbrushhgirl (paintbrushhgirl) wrote,

the story of the love life of the saddest girl

 one day there was a girl with long hair and big eyes
she liked a boy in year three and was afraid of walking behind his chair
she liked another boy in year four but then decided she liked his friend better because he made for better conversation even though he didn't have a cool mushroom haircut
then she met a girl in year five with real highlights and found she had a little crush on her (although obviously only realised it was a crush years later)
she also basically had dry sex with her best friend at the time who was in year five and was very much a girl
the she didn't have a boyfriend but all her friends did
she liked her best friend's brother but she was immensely fugly and so had no chance
she then went through a succession of crushes
she then fell awfully for her other best friend's boyfriend
she went through a succession of crushes
she finally got one but they broke up because they were going nowhere
then she fell awfully for her best friend who was in a different country
then she got over it by making up boys in her head and finding a new friend
whom she then decided to fall in love with and plan her whole life out with
during which relationship she had two little secret girl-crushes but really they didn't involve sex or sex-thinking just liking these girls lots and lots and not knowing why
she and forever boy break up 
lots of time of nothing
nothing except famous people and memory people and admitting to a big attraction to girls
and then there was just one girl and she was perfect but she's gone now we don't speak at all ever ever ever ever and she's gorgeous but she gave her a hicky that lasted like a week
and then she found a similar boy
who was a little less self-involved
and met another boy who was overly lovely and funny
but she and the similar boy were both mourning and didn't admit to any feelings until said boy had a new girlfriend
the girl was a nice person deep down no matter how bitchy she came across and made sure they cut right down on the conversation so as to completely cut off the emotions and all that crap
and at this point she's great friends with the sweet and eager boy only now he is obnoxious and laid back (as a facade, of course, because she knows him and knows that he is lovely) and throughout the course of their friendship as he grows progressively more gay she grows more desperate for a girlfriend but also for some reason just wants to hook up all the time
adam asked me if I even like boys at all and I'm starting to wonder

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