paintbrushhgirl (paintbrushhgirl) wrote,

 Every morning the sun peers over the horizon to see if we have found peace yet
and when she sees the silence of the air and the stillness of the ground with the exception of the birds and beetles and foxes all drunk with life she jumps with joy until she has reached the very top of heaven and all the time she was rising she never thought to look down and keep an eye on us to make sure we didn't suddenly appear out of nowhere and ruin the day
and when she finally does look down she sees us swarming like ants pouring sadness over everything and she leans down to get a closer look to make sure she's not hallucinating in her euphoria 
and her whole body sags with disappointment and she dives down again
beneath the ocean
to hide from us and hope that we'll die out in her absence.

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    right mike you just crushed me but the RULE IS that I will never ever write about it or you and hopefully won't feel sad okay okay. except this i…

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    she's me michaelis valmmik and i;m chelsea o myg od

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    I feel okay, today Better than yesterday I wish I was wearing clothes though.

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