paintbrushhgirl (paintbrushhgirl) wrote,

 The saddest part right now is the way I used to sit on the back of a pony and look down on everybody who left livejournal for tumblr

and how after that i looked down on everybody who used the internet at all
and how wayy before that i looked down on people who
said the things i do
cared what people thought
didn't capitalise or write properly

and now it's all just seeped right into me and I PREFER IT THAT WAY no one is perfect Sim
and if you can resist temptation it doesn't make you special it makes you fake
it's human nature to give in
it's how we were started
we wouldn't be human
we wouldn't be here
we'd be animals
naive and happy
living life in a circle like Karenin
if we didn't give in to the temptations of all serpentine creatures like the heartbreaking words of Valmik Kumar

I am angry at my bedroom

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    right mike you just crushed me but the RULE IS that I will never ever write about it or you and hopefully won't feel sad okay okay. except this i…

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    she's me michaelis valmmik and i;m chelsea o myg od

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    I feel okay, today Better than yesterday I wish I was wearing clothes though.

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